Communities for Children Initiative

Foundations Care – Central Qld were recently approached by the Communities for Children initiative facilitated by The Smith Family to present to their staff an introduction to Child Safety. The aim of the presentation was to provide new workers in The Smith Family with an insight into the child safety sector.

With the support of Andrew Colquhoun from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services collectively delivered information about the Department and their process, childhood trauma and development, confidentiality, decision making process and the importance of child participation among many things.

Not only did the day help to forge stronger relationships between Foundations Care, The Smith Family and the Department of Communities, but the Smith Family staffs were given a significant insight into the child Safety sector and how to work with children in care.

Award winners, Shelly,  Karen and Andrew

(Left to right (Shelley Truscott – The Smith Family, Karen Truscott – Foundations Care, Andrew Colquhoun – Qld Department of  Department of Communities, Child
Safety and Disability Services