What Makes a Good Foster Carer

This is a common question people ask when considering if they are best suited to becoming a foster carer. The answer is simple, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect carer’.

Every child is different and hence every carer is different. Children requiring foster care have usually experienced trauma, neglect or abuse and as a result may have high and complex needs; for this reason, carers often display some common characteristics:

  • Commitment
  • Resilience and patience
  • Flexibility
  • Easy going nature and sense of humour
  • An understanding of the deeper issues
  • A caring and compassionate nature
  • The ability to ability to say goodbye when the time comes for the child to be reunited with their family of origin
  • Team player and ability to work with caseworkers, teachers, medical professionals and family of origin.

Foundations Care provides ongoing carer training to help equip carers for the very important role they will play in their foster child’s life.