Employee Benefits

A career at Foundations Care is not just about helping to make a difference in children’s lives; we also offer a range of benefits to ensure your career with us is as fulfilling and rewarding as possible. We currently offer:

  • Salary packaging
  • Employee assistance program
  • Family-friendly policies
  • Career and personal development
  • Strengths based approach

Salary packaging

Salary packaging allows you to pay for certain expenses before tax is taken out of earnings. This reduces the amount of tax paid, helping the staff at Foundations Care make the most of their income. You can package up to the allowable maximum of $16,040 each FBT year.

Employee assistance program

The Employee Assistance Program, (EAP), provides confidential counseling and support to all Foundations Care employees. Run external to the organisation, the free program helps employees to identify, explore and manage issues that are impacting on their lives whether it is work related or personal problems such as health, family, financial or emotional concerns.

Family-friendly environment

When you join the Foundations Care team, your family becomes an extension of ours. We acknowledge and recognise the importance of balance in work and personal life and have developed a culture that captures these values.

Career and personal development

Our Performance Review & Development model ensures that not only do you have adequate skills and support to perform your current role, but that you also have the opportunity to enhance your work performance to meet your personal career direction. Creativity and innovation are encouraged.